Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Wonderful Restaurants - Worth Visiting Again and Again!

Normally when I post about a restaurant I do one at a time. I am so far behind on posting these that I have a LOT of places to talk about. So I decided to do three posts by area that the restaurant is located in - Lake Jackson area, San Antonio area and the third is just anyplace that does not fit into those two areas. I am going to start with the Lake Jackson area since we just went there on vacation, however the places listed aren't just from vacation but from our weekend visits there as well.

The Red Snapper Inn - Surfside
This is where we went with our friends for John's birthday lunch. Through Jason's job he is able to pay $10 for a $25 off discount or something like that. The food was VERY good with service to match. Their menu says "our fish spent last night in the gulf". Everything tasted sooo fresh that we could really believe this! John had the fried shrimp and oysters (sampled one of the oysters, it was great!). Patty had the fried shrimp (I think this is the only seafood she ever eats). I do not remember what Jason had, it was a filet of some sort.
I had the fried crab patties - wonderful! They only serve lunch from 11 - 2 on weekdays. Our friends had something come up that caused them to run a little late. So by the time they arrived and we ordered it was already getting close to 2 and it was 3 by the time we got out of there. NEVER at any time were we made to feel rushed. On leaving we apologized for keeping them so long. Our waitress kindly explained that they take food orders until 2 but are open for as long as it takes the last person to finish. She was great!

El Torro - Clute
Of course no matter where we are at we have to find good Mexican food. Fortunately our friends already know all the best places in the area so we didn't have to do any searching, just follow their advice!
We have been here with them more than once, so remembering what we all had when is impossible. I can't even tell you what all I have had for sure. I can tell you that Patty had the chicken fajitas, every time. She knows what she likes and once she finds it she sticks with it. When it comes to food, I can't do that, I always have to try something new.
No matter how wonderful the last dish I had at that same restaurant was, I'm on to the next one! Here I have had the seafood enchiladas but was not crazy about their white wine sauce; the pollo loco platter was great, no complaints there and the chicken fajita taco made me see why Patty loves the chicken fajitas here; and the Laredo Dinner, a LOT of food, all YUMMY! The chips and salsa (along with pico and an avocado sauce) they serve is wonderful, no appetizer needed! The service here is iffy, sometimes so-so, sometimes great. The only consistency in the service is that once you pay your bill you NEVER see your waitress again. So do NOT pay if there is a chance you may want or need something else (like a drink refill), it won't happen. Fortunately the food is good enough so that this can be overlooked.

Landry's Seafood - Galveston
This is our friends favorite seafood place, or at least it was before we tried the Red Snapper Inn. They have a membership here that allows them to earn points each time they dine here or at any of the other participating restaurants. These points once so many have accumulated get you $ off your ticket. You also get extra points for things like birthdays. Last time we went there with them they had enough points for $50 off the ticket! Jason gets the stuffed flounder here, every time, he loves it! Patty - fried shrimp. I think John has had the fried seafood platter but don't know if he had that both times we've been or not. I have had the cedar planked salmon (YUMMY) and the broiled stuffed shrimp pontchartrain (I think?). Everything here is wonderful and the service consistently great!
 They also have wonderful desserts you can share or not, they are so yummy you don't want to share but already so full you have to!

Last but not least - Bella Roma - Clute (they do not have a website that I could find)
If you are in the mood for Italian, this place is GREAT! We have been here twice and the service is always great. It tends to be a bit crowded but with great food and service we can overlook that. John has had the chicken parmigiana alfredo on one of those visits, maybe both times I'm not sure. I have had the cannelloni and the baked ziti with meat sauce (I think). Both times we've been we enjoyed the food, whatever it was, and had a great time!


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