Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A Special Visit

John's parents arrived Sunday for a visit. They stayed two nights at the Choke Canyon State Park just a few miles from our gate. We always enjoy seeing them and catching up on what's going on back in Brownwood. They arrived Sunday and joined us here for lunch and a nice chat. They then headed to the park to get situated, returning later to pick up John so he could get away from the gate for a few hours. While they were out they went to the Ranch House in Three Rivers for dinner.
John and I had never been there. Everyone opted for burgers. They brought me back a burger as well, the Serrano Ranch Burger with fries. The burger was awesome, the fries just so-so.

Monday they came by and took me out for lunch. We headed for Pepe Boudreaux's, after all you can't visit this area without stopping in at Boudreaux's. My father-in-law had the shrimp enchiladas, my mother-in-law had the chicken fried steak (which I've had and it's YUMMY!) while I tried the Tuna Stuffed Avocado Salad. 
A salad of lettuce tomato and broccoli with a whole avocado, cut in half sitting on top. Then on top of the avocado is this super yummy mixture of blackened yellow fin tuna, pecans and red onion served with dressing of your choice on the side. This was seriously the BEST tuna salad ever. Although I would have been perfectly happy with just the avocado and tuna salad without all the lettuce. 

Mom and dad Duncan headed back to Brownwood this morning. It was a wonderful visit with lots of catching up and lots of wonderful food. 

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  1. What a treat to have family visit while gate guarding. I'll have to try the tuna salad when are in the Whitsett area come November.


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