Monday, November 12, 2012

Menu Plan 111212

As things turned out I ended up only cooking twice this last week. This group cooking is turning out to be very nice. For example Thursday - our company needed me to work a gate for a few hours. It ended up being a little longer than I expected so I was very thankful that it was not my night to cook. It is also saving us some money on our grocery bill. It really is cheaper to cook for eight one or two nights a week than to cook for two six nights a week.

Coffee Braised Chile Beef* with Salad

Glenda's Cooking

Maria's Cooking

Mamie's Cooking

Sausage Wraps with Mac-N-Cheese -- Yes, this is still coming up on the menu plan, it seems something else always comes up and this gets pushed to the side.

? -- I would say dining out but it seems this keeps getting put off as well, although Friday we did go to IHOP for breakfast/lunch we have not been going out for our weekly dinner but with such good food and company here I don't really miss it.

Mexican Pasta with Beans

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  1. I think your cooking schedule sounds fun! It is a bonus that it is actually saving you money too!


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