Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Abilene Part 1

Had a wonderful time in Abilene with my hubby this weekend.  We had planned on going out to the drive-in while there but they were not showing anything we wanted to see so we decided to pass this trip. Maybe next time. Instead we stopped at Starbucks, then checked in at the hotel.
Went out for a nice dinner (more on that in part 2). Then went back to our room for some R&R time.
This is by far the most comfortable hotel room I have ever stayed in! The hubby would actually like to buy their pillows. You actually CAN buy anything they have in their rooms at their website. They also have the best hotel breakfast - biscuits with sausage gravy, scrambled eggs, southern hash-browns; then all the usual hotel breakfast fare - pastries, waffles, cold cereals, yogurt and boiled eggs.
It also helps that I get an awesome employee discount! We can actually stay at a nice hotel cheaper than what it would be to take the RV out and stay at an RV park. I see more trips like this one and we are actually looking into selling the RV! 

After checking out of the hotel we did a little shopping Academy, more Starbucks then to the mall, which since it was Sunday nothing was open yet! We left Abilene and headed for Ballinger. This took us about 70 miles out of our way but back when John and I had our motorcycle we rode here regularly to eat at a wonderful Mexican food place they have. (That will be Part 3.) After lunch in Ballinger we headed back to Brownwood/Early. That's the overview of our trip to Abilene, I'll fill in the yummy details in the next two posts. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Oh goodness!! I am just north of Abilene and totally would have done Starbucks with ya!!! (only two of them in Abilene:(( LOL

    1. I only know of the one starbucks in Abilene, the one near the mall. Would have loved to have you join us! Didn't realize you were close, thought you were further west. Will have to meet up the next time we're in Abilene.


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