Friday, November 15, 2013

Date Night at Prima Pasta

I love date night out with my honey! It is possibly my favorite night of the week. Getting out with just me and the hubby for a couple of hours. Good food + good company = great time!! This week we went to Prima Pasta.
It's a great little Italian place here in Early, TX. They have awesome Italian and we recently decided it is the BEST place for pizza in town.
This is the Neopolitan (thin crust) with all our fav toppings - pepperoni, hamburger, jalapenos, mushrooms, onions and extra cheese! The sauce on this pizza is amazing without being overpowering, so you can still taste all the yummy toppings. They have many other great items on the menu as well - baked manicotti, spinach artichoke dip, chicken parmigiana, fettuccine alfredo with chicken,  and the list goes on and on! If your ever in the area you should give them a try!

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