Wednesday, December 4, 2013

El Nuevo Mexico

This past Saturday we went to Bastrop to celebrate Thanksgiving with my family. We stayed the night (actually in Austin, the Bastrop Hampton Inn had no rooms) and then met up with my mom, pops, younger sis and her hubby and their baby girl for lunch. Mom was in the mood for Mexican food and directed us to her favorite spot in the area: El Nuevo Mexico.

I've been here once before with mom. It's very yummy and I can easily see why mom loves it!
 John and I were not very hungry so we each had and appetizer of shrimp stuffed with jalapeno and cheese then wrapped with bacon and fried crisp.
 Pops and my brother-in-law Billy had the Chimichanga.
 Mom had the stuffed poblano pepper.
Sister Shanna had the cheesy enchiladas with chili sauce.
We all enjoyed our food and had a great time visiting some more. With so many people at mom's on Saturday, I felt as though we had hardly talked. We made up for that Sunday at lunch. Always nice to visit with the fam!

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