Sunday, March 30, 2014

Good Times in Pearland

Went to Pearland Friday and came back Saturday. Had a wonderful visit with the oldest daughter and granddaughter. Took Hailey her Easter basket.

Also, finally got to meet the other set of grandparents. Ladonna and Greg - Really great people, they both do sooo much to help my girls, I can't thank them enough! We all enjoyed Mexican food at Gringo's - yummy food! Saturday we went to lunch with the girls to Pho Anh Asian Bistro. My daughter said the Spring Rolls were really good. So we ordered 4 as an appetizer. Well, the spring rolls John and I have had in the past were fried. So when these arrived, wrapped in this clear, rubbery looking substance I now know to be rice paper, I'm sure we had strange looks on our faces. The girls dug in! We hesitated!
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Until the three year old granddaughter looks at pawpaw and says "It's not weird, just eat it pawpaw." Then looks at me and repeats it (except she didn't call me pawpaw). They actually turned out to be the yummiest part of the meal, lol! What made this so funny was the tone with which it was delivered - sounded very much like she was trying to reassure us, too funny. Long drive but had a great time!

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