Monday, March 24, 2014

Menu Plan 03.24.14

Last weeks menu plan went mostly as planned. I went to West Texas with the hubby Friday, so we did not have the tenders for lunch. This week we are going to Pearland to see the oldest daughter and granddaughter and if we are really lucky maybe the son will be in the area. Other than that this week should be fairly normal. Here's the plan:

Chicken Tenders with Onion Rings

Crusted Shepherds Pie with Salad

Mexican Breakfast Casserole with Fruit (L)

Burgers with Fries (L)

Friday and Saturday
Trip to Pearland, most meals out.

Drunken Chicken with Roasted Yellow Squash and Onion (L)
YOYO, You're On Your Own

Nothing new this week. Still catching up.

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