Monday, September 9, 2013

No Menu Plan 090913

Well I have not really sat down and thought about a plan for this week. I was off Saturday and spent the afternoon shopping and geocaching with my honey. Then we went out for dinner. Yummy food from Mi Familia here in Early.
Geocaching with the Folks

Mom found her first geocache!

Dad, concentrating hard.

John, checking his compass.
Sunday morning was spent with the folks as we introduced them to geocaching. Then back to work Sunday evening. After this I should have Sat and Sun off, looking forward to this. The schedule this week has been a bit crazy. I looks like I will be going back and forth between nights and evenings. My partner on nights is a college student and she can't work Monday or Friday, the evening person needs someone to cover when she is off. The college student really can't do this since it does not leave time for her to study. So that leaves me, I will be covering evenings Wed and Thurs. They also gave me Tues on nights but that may change. If it doesn't I won't be cooking on Wed since I will be getting off at 7am Wed morning and coming back at 3pm for the evening shift. that's okay, as long as I get my two days off together and Sat and Sun is PERFECT! Now back to the plan. I am planning on making the following this week, just not sure when:

Hot Rice Casserole with Salad
Aussie Chicken with Corn
Catfish Fillets with Cheese*
BBQ Sandwiches with Chips
Beef Tacos
Chicken Pot Pie* with Peas

Not much of a plan but that's all I have at this point. Hope ya'll have a great week!


  1. Sure looks like a plan to me! :) And a good one! If I was working that schedule, I wouldn't cook at all! lol

    1. I can't imagine not cooking, lol, even with this crazy schedule.


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