Friday, December 2, 2011

Basic Breakfast Taco

Breakfast tacos are a favorite for breakfast around our house. Although we sometimes switch out the sausage for bacon and maybe add a couple of things like  half of a zucchini or a few sugar snap peas, this is the standard taco for us. Hope you enjoy.

1/4 lb. Spicy sausage
1 cup frozen southern style hash browns
1 serrano pepper, chopped (optional)
3/4 cup liquid eggs (or three whole eggs)
3 six inch flour tortillas, heated

Brown sausage in skillet and set aside. Add about two tablespoons of canola oil to skillet and heat. Add the hash browns to the oil and cook till golden brown and crispy. Add pepper and cook for about one minute. To your 3/4 cup liquid eggs add salt and pepper to taste and just a splash of milk. Return sausage to skillet and add eggs. Cook till eggs are done. Divide between the tortillas and serve.

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