Wednesday, February 8, 2012

USS Lexington Part 1

While we are sitting around waiting for our gate to start John and I are also taking time to get out, have fun and see the sites. Monday was the only day this week with no rain predicted so we decided that would be a good day to tour the Lexington. It's quite a tour so I'm sharing it in multiple parts. It is quite picture heavy, hope you enjoy.

Waiting for our ride up to the Lexington:
The tour is divided into five sections. We actually started with tour five, the Hangar Deck, this is where you are when you first enter the Lexington. It is also where all other four tours begin and end. Tour five included WWII Aircraft, Engines, Mess Deck Cafe, MEGA Theater and Flight Simulator.

MacGashlan Air Machine Gun

Pilot Trainer

Night Carrier Landing Simulator

Cool Photo Opts
Drone Info

Swimmer Delivery Vehicle

Cockpit Procedure Trainer
Fun 'N Games

 That concludes this portion of our tour.

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