Monday, April 21, 2014

Menu Plan 04.21.14 and 04.28.14

I have no plan again this week. We leave Friday for New Iberia and will be gone until the following Wednesday. Between now and then I am working a crazy schedule the next three days I will go to work, sleep, go to work again. I will have Thursday to pack and get everything ready. Over the weekend our stove went out. We expect the new one tomorrow.
Hoping it arrives while I'm at work rather than while I'm asleep. Its a Maytag AquaLift. Can't wait! Plans for next week are up in the air. My schedule beyond Wednesday is still not definite. Everything will also depend on when I get to go grocery shopping. So I'm still at no plans. Will have some vacation posts for you next week and eventually a post on this past week with John's family in from Wisconsin.

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