Friday, May 23, 2014

Camping Trip to Lake Brownwood State Park

John and I have decided to start taking the RV out occasionally. We mostly plan to stay somewhat close to home, so not a lot of time is taken up with driving since I work every Sunday night - for now. For our first trip we headed to the Lake Brownwood State Park. I love hiking and John loves fishing, so we usually try to find spots that have both. Our local state park fits the bill. Both Saturday and Sunday morning I hit the trails with Midnight.

The first morning we went on a 3 mile loop. Not a very scenic trail, so not many pics, mostly cactus. The next the trail we went on was not as long but it was not a loop so by the time we walked to the trailhead, down the trail, then back up it again it came pretty close to 3 miles as well.

The Grand Stairway

Table and fire pit in picnic area.

Bench for picnic area.

Stone Picnic Area 

Stone Steps - She didn't want to go down them but was fine going up them, I was the opposite.

Somewhere down there is the old pump house.

Cacti in Bloom

This second trail went close to the lake and had some great views. Also along this trail is a lot of the stone work done in the early 1930s by the Civilian Conservation Corps, this was done in a effort to create jobs during the depression. John enjoyed fishing but we were surprised and saddened by how low the lake levels were. It brought home the fact of how we need to pray for rain in earnest! Wonderful trip overall, can't wait for our next adventure!

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