Monday, June 16, 2014

Menu Plan 06.16.14 - partial plan Updated 06.17.14

I don't have much of a plan this week. I am having a lot of trouble with heel pain that we have finally narrowed down to plantar fasciitis. So I am trying to stay off my feet and doing some stretching exercises trying to get it under control. I have a few simple meals planned that won't require me to be on my feet much. Tonight I will be doing something with ground beef, not sure what, because I already have it thawed out. Tuesday and Wednesday will be VERY simple. No plans beyond that right now. Will do the rest of the week on Thursday. Plans at that point will depend on two things - whether or not John is back from San Antonio and how my foot is doing.

Ground Beef? with Veggies

Grilled Cheese with Tomato Soup

Hot Dogs with Chips (L)

Simple Lasagna* with Garlic Bread (L)
Sausage Wraps with Mac n Cheese

Chicken with Veggies (L)
Date Night - will be heading to Bastrop for family reunion on Saturday

Family Reunion - potluck style meal - all day gathering

Sausage with Chips (L)

*New Recipe

I will either add to this post or make a new post on Thursday with the rest of the plan.

Decided to update this plan. Still not sure on how I'll cook the chicken but here's something of a plan so that I'm not going totally nuts trying to think of something shortly before mealtime.

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