Monday, October 20, 2014

Menu Plan 10.20.14

Changes are ahead once again. I have moved entirely to night shift, no more back and forth between evenings and nights. That is good except that now I have this crazy three week rotating schedule. With the changes to my schedule, I will also be changing the day I do my grocery shopping from Tuesdays to Fridays. I think I will also be changing when I post my menu plan. It will likely be a Saturday thru Friday plan. That will begin next week? This weeks plan will be a simple one. John and I began juicing a couple of weeks ago and have been planning to do a three day juicing cleanse. My schedule this coming week makes this a good time to it. So here is my plan thru Friday.

Pinto Beans with Cornbread

Steak with Baked Potatoes

Date Night ? depending on how John feels when he gets back from his two day trip to South Texas

Thursday, Friday, Saturday
Juicing Cleanse - 8 - 8 oz glasses fresh juice per day; veggie juices in the morning, fruits in the evening.

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