Friday, January 13, 2012


We are spending a couple of days in Bastrop while waiting for a gate to go guard. Anytime we are in Bastrop with the RV we stay at Highway 71 RV Park - both because it's a nice park and it's just a stones throw from my mom's house. It's a secure, gated park with onsite laundry, really nice restrooms and showers, and for warmer temps a swimming pool!

We will talk to the new boss this morning and depending on what he says may head to Gonzales later today to be closer to where the work is.  For now I am enjoying some bonus family time. Spent both Tuesday evening and most of Wednesday with my mom except for Wednesday afternoon when I headed off to Hair Express. Trim and a new color.
I usually go more red but this is closer to my natural color and it won't wash out as fast - reds are the worst for washing out quickly.

Thursday was mostly spent at the RV. John took our dog Midnight to a local vet for her rabies and rattlesnake vaccines. She was none too happy with us! Then I headed to town to pick up a few groceries.

For dinner I convinced John that we needed to go to Chili's. It's a favorite spot for both of us and my gate guarding experience tells me it could be a while before we get another chance to go to one, especially together. We each had a salad: John had the Quesadilla Explosion Salad and I went with the Buffalo Chicken Salad. We avoided the two for $20 trap, which includes an appetizer and two entrees. No appetizer means we left pleasantly full rather than miserably stuffed.

After Chili's we headed over to my baby sister's house for some good family fun with her and her family - family game night! We played team monopoly since there were so many of us. Here are pics of the teams.
My nieces, Courtney and Emily - They ended up winning.
Nephew and niece, Travis and Miranda.
My oldest nephew Jonathan, he is my older sister's son, and his friend Sherry Dawn.
Last but not least my baby sister Tabitha and her sweetie Dean.

Before heading to the salon on Wednesday, I loaded up the car with shoes and clothes that I thought my sister Tabitha and her daughter Courtney might be able to use. I was surprised to see that Miranda had snagged a pair of boots for herself, although about a size too big (guess she figures she'll grow into them) she did look really cute:
She was trying to look like Cindy Lou Who. Haha, they are such fun kids! My niece Katie was absent for the evening and was missed, she is always a joy to be around. The two youngest headed off to bed at 9:00 and 9:30, leaving their partners to finish the game. When 10:00 rolled around we ended the game so the two older girls could get to bed as well as half the adults present who needed to be at work the next morning. So to date I still have yet to finish a game of monopoly. Oh well, maybe next time!

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