Monday, January 9, 2012

A Fond Farewell to McKinney and All Star Storage

Well a part of life in an RV is moving on to the next adventure that comes your way. Today is our last day of work here at our storage facility, then we will pull out for Bastrop tomorrow morning. Although we look forward to the next adventure, we are leaving behind some good friends. Sharon and Bud, a father/daughter pair, rented from us shortly after we started and we became great friends, enjoyed some great meals and good fun out with them (they know all the best places to go). Jimmie, the owner of our facility, who has always treated us fairly and with kindness and understanding. We actually have a standing job offer with him if we're ever in the area and need a job. Last but not least there is the lovely Michelle. She is Jimmies right hand and a good friend to John and I. I mentioned her previously around Thanksgiving. We enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner at her home with her, her husband and another friend of theirs. Michelle is an awesome cook!

Another thing we will miss out on is the opening of the new buildings in back. Shortly after we started this sign went up:
It was a few months after that before anything started happening, but progress is being made and the end is just around the corner.
The new management will have their hands full for sure! Files to prepare and MANY new units to rent out! We wish them lots of luck with this project.

The next adventure? Gate guarding, mostly for oil and natural gas drilling sites. We have done this before and received an offer to go back that we couldn't refuse. More on this as the adventure continues...

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  1. Hi Terry,
    Your husband told me about your blog in a comment on my blog ( Interesting ... I have never heard about the Crazy Cooking Challenge. I will have to look into it! Cooking is my thing for sure.
    We are also gate guarding here in south Texas, and Christians to boot! Give us a holler!



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