Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Final Day, Then Off to Bastrop

For our final day at the storage facility we received a special treat: the lovely Michelle came to hang out and observe how the new trainees were doing, Lonnie and Lisa. Time with Michelle is always a special treat. Her stories and the way she tells them keeps everyone in stitches. I had been a tad concerned about the trainees ability in the area of customer service. Today it was as though a switch had been flipped, they did an excellent job! Lisa made a huge pot of vegetable soup in honor of our last day.
 Lisa's recipe was quite simple. She browned hamburger meat and added vegetables - both canned and frozen, there may have been some fresh ones as well. She did not disclose what seasoning she used but I know she used bay leaf and believe I detected oregano. This is one of those dishes that you can take and make it your own, use whatever seasonings and vegetables you like. As Monday was a chilly, rainy day this soup really hit the spot!

Tuesday morning we loaded up, stopped by the office for a final farewell and pointed the brave south towards Bastrop! John wanted to introduce me to some real truck stop food and traveling down I-35 they were plentiful. We stopped for lunch just outside of Hillsboro at a Petro truck stop. As we were driving a 36ft. RV and towing a car, a truck stop made sense for the ease of parking alone, but the yummy food at the Iron Skillet cafe inside made the choice that much better.

I had the Twisted Turkey Reuben:
This is a twist on a traditional Reuben in that it substitutes turkey and cole slaw for the corned beef and sauerkraut. It still comes with thousand island dressing and Swiss cheese served on toasted rye bread!

John had a Chili Burger:
 This is an open faced burger on a toasted bun topped with chili, cheese and onion. We both opted for the onion straws and at just 49 cents extra they were worth it! We both left the Iron Skillet filled and happy! We arrived at the RV park around 4pm, got set up, fed the dogs and headed over to spend a little time with my mom. A great ending to a wonderfully tiring day!

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