Friday, January 27, 2012

Taco Palenque

Well it was an average day, traffic wise, here at the gate. I took care of the morning traffic with John taking over around nine. I cooked breakfast and goofed off for a while, helping him with the gate as much as I could get away with. Of course with traffic being pretty slow he didn't really need any help. After the rain storm early Wednesday morning the RV was looking a little sad with all the dirt we had tracked in - still haven't managed to teach the dogs to wipe their feet - so I got busy cleaning the floors up. Then I headed into Cotulla to take care of the shopping and laundry.
By the time I finished with all that it was getting close to time for dinner. So I headed over to Taco Palenque. We had eaten here before on our way out of Cotulla in March of last year. I had never heard of this place before then but they have 15 locations around south Texas, most of them around Laredo. It is fast food but at the same time it is more like restaurant quality. I went through the drive-thru and ordered the fajita plate for John and the crispy taco plate with chicken for myself. They gave us three different kinds of salsa for each of us - Verde, hot and pico de gallo. The crispy taco shells were made using flour tortillas rather than corn - so yummy! If you ever see one of these I would recommend giving it a try, just don't expect it to be like other fast food Mexican places, expect it to be better quality and a little higher in price.
And now that I've done some shopping it's time to go figure out what I want to cook for breakfast and dinner! I'm thinking beef enchiladas for dinner. Breakfast is still up in the air.

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