Monday, February 13, 2012

John's Day to Cook

Driving around taking in the sights at the coast we found a couple of areas with grills and covered picnic tables. We knew we'd have to come back and grill one day while in the area and that's just what we did. We gathered a few things from the house then headed to the local walmart for the rest. While shopping we realized we had forgotten a couple of things at the house and went back for them. Then we headed down the shore to find our perfect picnic spot. Once we found it we realized we had forgotten drinks and salt for the burgers so we headed to the nearest convenience store. Now loaded with everything we needed we headed back to our picnic spot.
As soon as we began unpacking the food we had some guests arrive.

We had a whole flock of birds around our picnic area. Then a mother and grandmother came by with twin toddlers. The girls managed to chase the birds off. A few came back but thankfully not as many as we originally had.

John grilled our burgers to yummy perfection!
We sat down to a yummy meal of burgers with chips and dips, relaxed and enjoyed the view.

Then it was back to the RV and some time with the diggidies (that's our dogs). Went for a walk around the parks small "lake" that is really more of a large pond.

Midnight - The Nearly 8 yr old Labra-Dach

Venus - The 18 yr old Chihuahua

Pleasure Lake
 A great day for all!

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