Saturday, February 11, 2012

USS Lexington Part 4

This post will be EXTREMELY Picture Heavy but will be the final post for our USS Lexington tour. After springing John from the brigg we headed over to tour 2. Tour 2 included officers and junior officers quarters, Pearl Harbor exhibit (from the making of the movie) and Anchor Equipment.
Commander's State Room

USS Constellation

Lady Lex - Queen of the Flattops

Junior Officers Quarters

Sleeping Quarters for Japanese Officers in the movie Pearl Harbor

That concludes tour 2, now on to tour 3. Tour 3 consisted of the Combat Information Center (CIC), Ready Rooms, Library and Captains Cabin (in port cabin - the at sea cabin was posted in part 3).
Captain's In Port Cabin

It Was Good to be the Captain
The Captain also had a small private kitchen, there is a pass through window for serving across from the dining table.
And Even a Private Bathroom

Squawk Box - Located in One of the Ready Rooms
Combat Information Center

Air Operations
Carrier Air Traffic Control Center
Finally we are on to tour 4. Our final tour since we took tour 5 first. Tour 4 included the engine room, sick bay, dental clinic, crew's galley, mine exhibit, POW exhibit and chapel.
Female Berthing Quarters
That'll Cook Up a Few Veggies

 Bomb Assembly Table

 Engine Room
 Post Office
Isolation Room
Dental Chair
 Dr's Office
Dr's Office
 Sick Bay
Urinals and Bedpans
Well that's all I've got. Hope you enjoyed the tour!

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