Monday, March 4, 2013

Menu Plan 030413

Well, we are getting settled back into the south San Antonio area. Back to shopping at my favorite HEB in Lytle, they have awesome specials. Also getting back into working out a little. The new park has three very nice machines in their exercise room, which is conveniently located right outside the showers. Work out - hit the showers. They have a stationary bike, elliptical and a weight station. My goal is to use the bike and elliptical on M, W, F and to use the weight station on Tu, Th. We'll see how long that lasts.

This weeks menu is pretty simple stuff with sandwiches, pizza and casserole but we need one of those weeks every now and then. I'm also pretty sure this menu will be hubby approved with the fajitas and brats - yumm! Now to stop babbling and get to the menu:

King Ranch Casserole with Salad

BAT (bacon, avocado, tomato) Sandwiches* with Onion Rings

Chicken Fajitas* with Beans

Quick Spaghetti Sauce with Pasta, Garlic Bread-sticks and maybe a Salad

Southwest Black Bean Pizza*

Dinner Out? or Leftovers?

Brats with Spicy Baked Fries

*New Recipe


  1. Ahh yes, a week of yummy! xo P.S. did you get your entry in for my new giveaway?

    1. Thanks for stopping by, but no I did not submit an entry, I'll stop by and take another look. Thanks again.


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