Monday, January 16, 2012

Trip to Lockhart

Yesterday was a lazy Sunday and we decided to make the drive over to Lockhart to visit the gun range. John was sighting in his rifle, while I acted as his spotter using a scope that the range loans out free of charge - just leave your DL please. John also wanted to shoot our new pistol a little and to have me shoot it as well so I could become comfortable with it.  We each put about 15 rounds through it, we were having such fun we would have done more but wanted to conserve our ammo for a time it may be needed.

From there we headed over to Guadalajara, our favorite place to eat in Lockhart, actually the ONLY place we've ever eaten at in Lockhart.

Love the painting on the front. We started out with the usual chips and salsa as well as a bowl of queso.
For our entrees I had the Rio Verde plate which consisted of 1 shrimp enchilada topped with chipotle sauce, 1 beef chalupa topped with lettuce, tomato and guacamole served with rice and beans. The shrimp enchilada was sooo good, the chalupa rice and beans were average.
John had the Poblano En Crema "Huetamo" Style. This is one of those times when the waitress asks what you want and you just point at the menu. I actually went to their menu on their website, Guadalajara, to get the name - it's a mouthful! It's a poblano pepper stuffed with chicken and cheese, lightly battered and fried, topped with poblano sauce and guacamole served with rice and beans. John said it could have been spicier but otherwise was very good.
After enjoying a wonderful lunch it was off to walmart to walk some of it off. Then back to the RV for a lazy Sunday afternoon.

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  1. Sounds like a very good day. We just went to the Methodist Church for bar b que that part of the proceeds went to Jr and they had cakes that all of the money went to Jr. So Johnny went straight to the Italian Wedding cake. So the cake is in the freezer.


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