Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Moving On

We are getting ready to pull out from our temp assignment here in Cotulla. The regulars are back from their vacation and ready to take the helm.
When they returned they blessed me with some gifts for my kitchen.

I, of course, had to immediately try out the seasoning and used the HOT Seasoned Salt to make a variation of this recipe - Chicken Pasta. I changed the pasta to Angel Hair and seasoned the chicken with the HOT Seasoned Salt, I also added a cup of sliced zucchini to the chicken when it was almost done. It had a nice spice to it but I would not call it HOT. It is still yummy though and I will be using it often!

Next landing spot - Rockport/Fulton area for a couple of weeks, then to Tilden where we start our next assignment which is expected tobe a MUCH longer assignment.

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