Sunday, March 4, 2012

Pepe Boudreaux's TexMexiCajun Cooking

We had been planning to visit this local restaurant for lunch today but when I checked online yesterday afternoon I discovered they are closed Sunday's. Initially we said we'd wait till Monday but as evening approached we began having second thoughts. We headed on over for dinner instead.

 We started off with some Gator Bites - small bits of fried gator tail served with red sauce. They were good but not great.
Along with a yummy salad.
Then John had a Po' Boy with both crawfish and shrimp - yum!
I went with the Crawfish Etoufee, soo good - very spicy!
After stuffing our bellies we both took home half our plates - hmmm wonder what's for lunch? On the way back to the RV we saw this beautiful herd of deer.

 The wildlife around here is amazingly tame. This is the second time we've seen deer. We've also encountered turkeys and javelina hogs. The only ones that bolted from us were the javelina. The deer just watched us watching them! Maybe I'll get some better pics before we leave.

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