Monday, March 5, 2012

Sunday Morning Hike - Picture Heavy

Yesterday morning I decided to go for a hike while John fished.
Total I probably walked about two miles - one mile on the hiking trails and one mile getting to the first trail from the RV and back again.
Random pic while walking to trailhead
I started out on Emperor Run, a nice wide, paved trail that runs from the shelter area to the picnic area.

Once I arrived at the picnic area I turned around to head back the other way. Not very far back down the trail there was a side trail - a regular unpaved hiking trail.
Looking back from the grassy trail to the paved trail
I took this side trail just to see where it led.
Pine Flycatcher
Well it led to Flycatcher Way -
Little Birdhouse
Which led to Wren Lane -
Love how wide the trails are at this park
Which led to Owl Hollow - which unbelievably led to the parks dump site for RVs. For those of you unfamiliar with what that is, it is where RVs camping in the park go to dump their sewage. I thought this an odd spot for a hiking trail to start or end and was going to snap a picture for you but someone who didn't have a clue what they were doing was dumping - without a hose, so sewage was going everywhere - the stench was unbearable so I made a run for it (or at least a fast walk) getting away from there as quickly as possible! More random pics from my walk and from the web.
Bird watching area
View from bench
Tree bent into an arch

Crested Caracara
The rest of the day was fairly uneventful. We drove into Three Rivers to pick up a few groceries and some firewood. We had a nice little campfire and, of course, made s'mores - yummy! If you've never had a S'More you've been missing out!
You take half a graham cracker, top it with three squares from a regular Hershey's milk chocolate bar, raost your marshmallow over the campfire, place toasted marshmallow on top of chocolate, top with second half of graham cracker and enjoy!

Note: any pictures of birds were not taken by me but from the web and if they had not been labeled I wouldn't have known what they were except for the Cardinal. All did claim to be taken in this park. The picture of the S'More is also from the web - didn't want to get up from the lovely campfire to retrieve the camera.

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