Sunday, June 24, 2012

Menu Plan - June 24 and a Special Treat

First the special treat - WE HAD VISITORS! Patty and Jason came up for a visit. John and I worked with Patty at the state school in Brownwood. We had an absolute blast!! We of course introduced them to Boudreaux's, our favorite local restaurant. We talked and laughed the hours away. We laughed so much my stomach was hurting!! When we take our month off in October a visit with them is definitely on the agenda! It's visits like this that make this job so much more bearable. When you work 24/7, having friends come see you is a nice break in the monotony. They have NO idea how much this visit meant to John and I!


Changes to last weeks plan - well the southwest chicken wraps didn't happen today, so they'll be back on the menu for the coming week. Also I switched the beef tostadas and hot rice casserole. Now for this week's plan.

Pizza from Little Caesars

Ravioli with Garlic Bread

Crispy Southwest Chicken Wraps* with Jalapeno Poppers


Spicy Tuna Melts* with Chipotle Corn Salsa


Fish Sandwiches with Chips

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