Thursday, April 11, 2013

Vacation Time!!

We made the decision Tuesday to move our vacation up a week. So instead of leaving on Saturday the 20th, we will be leaving Friday the 12th. We are going to the coast and planning on staying on the beach in the RV. We will be doing what is known as "boondocking" in the RV world. Boondocking refers to staying someplace without hookups. So we will be without electricity other than our generator which we plan to run sparingly. Our holding tanks will be our water source.

During that time I will not be posting. We are putting away computers for the week. I have one post scheduled for next week and if I have time will get a second one ready. When we return I am sure I will have many pics and stories to share. Plans for cooking are primarily grilling and going out to eat. Two of the three kids may be able to come spend a day with us at the beach, doubtful it would be the same day, that would be too much to ask. I look forward to telling ya'll all about it when we return.


  1. Thanks, actually trying to get going earlier than usual this morning so we can get down the road, lol.

  2. fun! Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things hop xo

    1. It was wonderful! Thanks for stopping by!


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