Monday, December 3, 2012

Menu Plan 120312

It is always good to have a plan, but make sure you are flexible. Plans change. If you are too rigid about your "plan" then this will upset you. Last weeks plan is a good example of this. Other than what I was cooking on Monday night I had no idea about what was going on that week. Glenda ended up being gone all week, I don't know if she has returned yet. So Mamie cooked Tuesday night and Friday night. Maria cooked on Wednesday night. Thursday night we went out to eat. We had the pizza Saturday night and chili Sunday night. An excellent week - good food, good friends is always a great combo. This week we are supposed to go out to eat one night on the boss but I don't know what night we will be doing that. I will guess over next weekend. Now for this weeks "plan":

Beef and Vegetable Sandwiches* with Grilled Squash and Chips



Sausage Wraps with Chips??

Chicken Tacos  with Beans

Dinner Out?

Beef Tostadas  with Rice

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