Monday, April 29, 2013

Menu Plan 042913

Well it's been another interesting week with more to follow! We arrived home from vacation on Sun the 21st, then on Tues morning the 23rd (hubby's birthday) we went to work a gate that was supposed to be closing in a couple of days.
We were supposed to be there until Wednesday evening or Thursday morning (our anniversary). Well the landowner left town and apparently closing the gate hinged on him, so we were there until Sat when the boss sent another couple to relieve us. Even with all that we were able to stick pretty close to the menu plan, just switched some things around as far as what day we had them on. This next week looks to be VERY unpredictable. There is a meeting that John is supposed to attend sometime this week but we do not have the details yet. We know the meeting is close to Brownwood so we will prob stay a couple nights there with John's folks but other than that we know nothing! So I am making a plan but it is not expected that is will be followed much. I'm just hoping we can find out something BEFORE I go shopping so I can adjust my shopping list accordingly.

Shrimp Tacos* with Cilantro Lime Slaw and Beans

Mac and Cheese Dinner? with leftover slaw - not sure exactly what I'm going to make here?

Sausage Cheese Bread with Spinach Salad

Mesquite Crusted Shepherd's Pie*

Spicy Chicken Breasts with Fruit served over Rice

Dinner Out? - Depends on trip out of town, if we are eating out those days we may stay in.

Spicy Bacon Burger Pizza

* New Recipe


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