Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Wonderful Restaurants Worth Visiting Again and Again! Part 2

Well I mentioned before that there would be three parts to this. Here is part two - San Antonio area restaurants. Now Rosario's is my favorite Mexican food place in this area, I already did a post on Rosario's HERE. So I will not be mentioning it further in this post. I was surprised that this is the only restaurant in the San Antonio area that I had done a review on. Here are some other fabulous places that we really enjoy:

This is a fairly recent discovery for John and I. I had eaten at one in Austin years ago and liked it but had never been back. While shopping at Academy we decided to give them a try since they were close by.
We loved it! Appetizers - we have had both the queso and the spinach dip, both were wonderful but I am partial to the queso!  On our last visit John had the philly cheesesteak sandwich with fries and I am pretty sure he has tried their burgers. Our last visit I had the sweet heat chicken and shrimp, the chicken was just a tad salty but not so bad that I wouldn't try it again. It is one of their seven under 700 calories and is served over ginger rice with a side salad that is topped with their house-made tomato vinaigrette - very yummy! On  our previous visit I had the monte cristo sandwich with fries, very good! I have also been quite impressed with their prices. You can get a great meal at a very reasonable price!

Matamoros Restaurant y Cantina
The food here is really good! Not quite as good as that at Rosario's and it is further from us. However, it might be worth the drive since unlike Rosario's (which is downtown), Matamoros has plenty of parking. We have only been here the one time on a trip to northwest San Antonio to go to Costco.We definitely need to make plans for a return trip! I had the shrimp enchiladas.
They were very good but also very different than expected. It was basically cheese enchiladas topped with shrimp and wonderful creamy chipotle sauce! Although different it was still very good.

Acadiana Cafe
This is another great place that we have visited only once.
We will have to correct that fairly soon! On that one visit John and I ordered the same thing! Cajun boudin served with red beans and rice! Sooo yummy, I don't know if I even want to try anything else on the menu, I am ready for more of their boudin!

Mexico Taqueria
Yes, more Mexican food! I love Mexican food and fortunately so does John! We have it often both at home and when we go out.
My favorite item at this little spot is their mini tacos. You get five mini tacos with a choice of meats served on mini corn tortillas, my fav would be the al pastor. If you want a good Mexican meal and are watching your budget this is a great place. The food is good and the price is right!

Fogo de Chao
Now this is NOT a place I would ever call budget friendly so it is a rare treat when John and I get to go here.
If you can go for lunch on a weekday it is much cheaper than dinner and they serve the same great food. Fogo de Chao is a Brazilian Steakhouse with locations across America. The one in San Antonio is located downtown and they offer valet parking.
You start off with their wonderful salad bar, of aound 30 items including smoked salmon, prosciutto, fresh mozzarella, aged manchego cheese, Brazilian hearts of palm, asparagus, and the list goes on and on. You can order only a salad bar and leave satisfied but I would recommend going for the full meal. At your table each person dining has a round card in front of them. One side is red, the other green.
When you are ready for them to start bringing the meat, simply flip the card to the green side and anywhere from three to five gaucho chefs swarm the table, each bringing a different cut of meat that they slice directly off the spit onto your plate.
filet mignon and bacon wrapped chicken breast

John's fav is the filet mignon, mine is the lamb - either the lamp chops or the leg of lamb. The pork loin, crusted in parmesan and the bacon wrapped chicken breast are also wonderful. They offer these and many more. As soon as you have all you want remember to turn your card back to red, otherwise the gaucho chefs will keep coming and offering you more. They also have great side dishes which are brought to the table and served family style. They have cheese bread, garlic mashed potatoes, crispy hot polenta and caramelized bananas, all wonderful but I wouldn't eat too much of them with all that wonderful meat headed your way! Of course the service is top notch, I have never seen anything like it! They have a head waiter who watches the dining room (actually more than one) and makes sure the other waiters are staying on top of things and if they are not all it takes is a nod from him in their direction and a look towards are table and drink glasses are instantly refilled. They say you don't go here for the food but for the experience. Well it IS an awesome experience but the food is super great as well and it's the food that will bring you back!

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