Saturday, June 16, 2012

Menu Plan - June 17

Most of this week went right according to plan. However we had a day off - a whole 24 hours! So we did not have the Chili Dogs on Saturday, instead we ate at Chili's in San Antonio, yum!! Also since our day off was on a Saturday I didn't get our weekly shopping done, so I'll have to get that done first thing tomorrow. This is the tentative plan for this coming week:

Chili Dogs with Onion Rings

Chicken Pasta (this time with bow tie pasta) with Yummy Salad

Hot Rice Casserole with Easy Roasted Yellow Squash with Onion

Bacon Pepperoni Pizza?? with Yummy Salad

Sausage Wraps with Spicy Baked Fries

Cheesy Beef and Bean Tostados with Rice

Crunchy Southwest Chicken Wraps* with Chips and Dip

*Recipe to be posted at a later time

??Very up in the air, may be Pepe Boudreaux's instead, which could change the menu for the rest of the week, lol.

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  1. This reminds me I just have to make your spicy baked fries:) I will be checking back to see your
    Crunchy Southwest Chicken Wraps:)


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